Skylight Repair

Fix leaks, condensation, and other skylight issues. Let the light shine in again with Proline Roofing.

Restore the Beauty of Your Skylight – Expert Skylight Repair Solutions

  • Skylights offer natural light and beauty, but leaks and damage can ruin their benefits. Proline Roofing specializes in diagnosing and repairing all types of skylight problems, restoring clarity, functionality, and peace of mind.

    Common Skylight Repairs We Provide:

    • Leak Repair: Pinpointing the source of leaks and providing watertight solutions.
    • Flashing Repair: Addressing cracked, damaged, or improperly installed flashing.
    • Condensation Repair: Solving moisture build-up between panes.
    • Glass/Acrylic Replacement: Replacing cracked or damaged skylight glazing.
    • Sealant Renewal: Replacing deteriorated sealant around the skylight frame.

    Signs You Need Skylight Repair:

    • Leaks or Water Stains: Visible signs of water intrusion.
    • Condensation Between Panes: Foggy appearance indicating seal failure.
    • Drafts or Temperature Fluctuations: Air leaks around the skylight.
    • Damaged Skylight Frame: Warping, cracks, or signs of deterioration.

    Why Choose Proline Roofing for Skylight Repair:

    • Skylight Specialists: In-depth knowledge of skylight installation and repair techniques.
    • Precise Diagnosis: Finding the root cause of the problem to prevent recurrence.
    • Quality Materials: We use durable sealants and replacement parts where required.
    • Workmanship Guarantee: Confidence in our repairs and your skylight’s performance.
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Our Clients Love Us

After that crazy storm, I thought my roof was a goner. Proline came out the same day, patched the leak, and gave me an estimate for the damage. They were honest, the price was fair, and now my roof looks better than ever!
Sarah t.
Staten Island, NY
We would Just like to thank Lonnie for quickly coming to our rescue. My sisters house had roof damage after the last big storm while she was away. I called Proline, they came quickly, gave me a quote that was very reasonable, and a few days later the job was done. Quality work, clean, polite and efficient you couldn't ask for more. I recommend you call them.
Dr. Louis Vastola
Staten Island, NY
I run a small business, and when my roof started leaking I was in a panic. Proline came to the rescue on a weekend, got it patched temporarily, and worked around my schedule for the full repair. True lifesavers.
Chris W.
Old Bridge, NJ

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