Cedar Shake Roofing

Invest in a roof that exudes warmth, character, and lasting protection for your home.

Natural Beauty and Rustic Charm with Cedar Shake Roofing

  • Cedar shake roofing offers a distinctive aesthetic and natural appeal that sets it apart from other roofing materials. At Proline Roofing, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of stunning cedar shake roofs, bringing the timeless beauty of wood to your property.

    Benefits of Cedar Shake Roofing:

    • Unmatched Aesthetic: Hand-split or sawn shakes create a textured, organic look unmatched by other materials.
    • Natural Durability: Cedar contains oils that resist rot, decay, and insect infestation.
    • Weather Resistance: Cedar performs well in various climates, withstanding harsh elements.
    • Insulation Value: Wood naturally provides some insulation, contributing to energy efficiency.
    • Adds Unique Character: Enhances the charm of both traditional and modern architectural styles.

    Our Cedar Shake Roofing Services:

    • New Roof Installations: Expert installation of premium cedar shakes for optimal beauty and performance.
    • Roof Replacements: Transition your home to the timeless elegance of a cedar shake roof.
    • Repairs: Meticulous repairs to address damage and maintain your roof’s natural beauty.
    • Maintenance: We offer maintenance services to prolong the lifespan of your cedar shake roof.

    Why Choose Proline Roofing for Cedar Shake Roofing:

    • Skilled in Wood Roofing: Our team possesses expertise in proper wood roofing techniques.
    • Premium Materials: We source high-grade cedar shakes for lasting beauty.
    • Design Sensibility: We help you customize your cedar shake roof to perfectly complement your home.
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After that crazy storm, I thought my roof was a goner. Proline came out the same day, patched the leak, and gave me an estimate for the damage. They were honest, the price was fair, and now my roof looks better than ever!
Sarah t.
Staten Island, NY
We would Just like to thank Lonnie for quickly coming to our rescue. My sisters house had roof damage after the last big storm while she was away. I called Proline, they came quickly, gave me a quote that was very reasonable, and a few days later the job was done. Quality work, clean, polite and efficient you couldn't ask for more. I recommend you call them.
Dr. Louis Vastola
Staten Island, NY
I run a small business, and when my roof started leaking I was in a panic. Proline came to the rescue on a weekend, got it patched temporarily, and worked around my schedule for the full repair. True lifesavers.
Chris W.
Old Bridge, NJ

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